Ana Tijoux

Ana Tijoux is French-Chilean songwriter, singer, MC, and recording artist who is well known for her willingness to confront social injustice and for her commitment to nonviolence. Born in France, she is the daughter of two Chilean exiles who left during the rise of the oppressive Pinochet regime during the military coup of 1973. Ana lit up the Latin Alternative world with her hit 1977, and then took her fans on a whirlwind trip through Chilean and global politics with hits like Shock, Antipatriarca, and Somos Sur. While continuing to lyrically explore difficult subjects, Ms. Tijoux has made a drastic switch in sound, changing her familiar hip-hop beats for the acoustic airs of the bolero and vals peruano on “Calaveritas” and honors the legacy of Chilean folk singer Victor Jara on a cover of his classic song “Luchin”. 

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